Mark Cunich’s lifelong passion for travel has led him to more than 50 countries across all 7 continents, camera in hand. From nomadic tribes on the Mongolian Steppe to penguin colonies in Antarctica, Mark has captured rare insights into remote cultures and the natural world. Mark's deft eye for story can be seen in his intimate portraits from across the globe. 

With a background in accounting and finance, Mark joined Unconventional Conventions full time in 2010 and hit BRW's Fastest growing business list in 2014. Now, as Managing Director of Unconventional Conventions, Mark spends over half his year travelling to new and exciting locations around the world.

Albania, Argentina, Armenia, Australia , Azerbaijan , Bhutan , Bonaire, Borneo , Bosnia , Botswana , Brazil, Cambodia , Chile , China , Croatia , Cuba , Ecuador , England , Ethiopia , Fiji, France, Georgia, Greece, Guatemala, Holland , Hong Hong, Iceland , India, Indonesia , Japan, Jordan , Kenya , Macedonia , Madagascar , Mauritius , Mongolia , Montenegro, Morocco, Myanmar , Namibia , Nepal, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Nicaragua , Norway , Oman, Peru , Rwanda , Serbia, Singapore , Slovenia , South Africa, Spain , Sri Lanka, Swaziland , Sweden, Tanzania , Thailand , Turkey , USA, Vanuatu , Venezuela , Vietnam , West Papua, Zambia, Zimbabwe 





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