Below is a list of my photography and travel gear. I've described why I use each item but this is by no means a thorough review. You can google that yourself.

One of the major factors in my choice of gear is the logistics of travelling with it all. Most of my travel is with my day job (see About page), where I need to carry 15kgs of medical equipment in a backpack and 7kgs of other work gear in my suitcase. This prevents me from owning gear that weighs a lot and gear that takes time to use.

In the ideal world I guess I'd own a whole bunch of beautiful gear like a Cannon 1DX with 200-400mm lens and a Cannon 5DIII with 50mm lens, but I can't do that.

Don't waste time postponing a decision because you are looking for a $150 discount, just make a decision and get the gear.

Also, buy cameras from legit stores/online retailers and other gear on eBay.


I've lost photos and documents in the past because of hardware failure, lost hard drives and simply through not being organised. I've now completed a backup system that in almost fully automatic and covers every situation, from accidental deletion to zombie apocalypse. 

I have a laptop for work/travel and a home desktop for work/storage. 

LaCie 2Big Thunderbolt Raid

This is a beast of an external hard drive which is setup to my mac mini at home. It contains 2x 3TB hard drives which are configured to mirror each other so that if one fails, there is an identical copy ready to go (replacing the failed drive will automatically create a new mirrored copy). 

The computer reads from both drives at the same time so read speed is amazingly fast. 


All my documents and important photos are share on both computers and in the cloud through Dropbox. Dropbox is great for keeping minute by minute versions of all my files but past 30 days. I've recently upgraded the account so all files are kept forever. Also great for sharing files with other people. 

Time Machine

Time machine is great for recovering lost files and for doing a total restore of a failed computer on the spot. 

I've got a 2TB portable hard drive which constantly creates a backup wherever i am. 

I've also got a 4TB hard drive creating a backup of my desktop and also the attached external drive full of photos.  

Code42 / CrashPlan

My photos on my LaCie 2Big Drive are now backed up in 2 additional places using CrashPlan / Code42. 

This software allows for me to store all my data on an offsite hard drive of my choosing (which i have plugged into my laptop when it is at work). Through the cloud, the software automatically syncs the two hard drives. This system is meant for crash recovery rather than just file storage. 

For $70p.a. Code42 provides unlimited cloud storage with no file size limit. I've now uploaded 2TB of photos to the cloud which is great for emergency recovery of all my data, but also allows me to access anything from a handy phone app. 


Sony Nex 7

I started with the Nex 5 when it first came out and upgraded to the Nex 7 when it came out. It's compact and light. I like the flip led screen so I can take photos for all angles and a great viewfinder which I use 75% of the time.
The menu was confusing to get used to but everything you need is there. Sony puts out free software updates from time to time, which is great.

Polaroid Z2300

I use this camera to break the ice when I'm shooting portraits of people in the street or in a village somewhere. It prints 2x3 inch colour photo in 30 seconds and is much nicer to give to someone as a gift rather than paying them for a photo. It is simple but handy.
While the image is printing I use my sony to take additional shots.
There is one design floor - the power button can be bumped easily which leads to dead battery / awkward situations. I've glued a cut up credit card around the power button to prevent it being bumped.
I buy the papers online for 80cents each and have a spare battery as well.

Sony A7RII

Yes. I did it. I bought an obscenely nice camera and I'm still learning how to use it. 


Sony 18-200mm lens (Nex7)

Not the sharpest or most beautiful lens but it does it all. Landscapes. Portraits. Wildlife. Action. It's almost as heavy as the camera body but it replaces 2 or 3 other lens and means I don't need to change lens often.

Sony 16mm f2.8 (Nex7)

I use this lens for astro photography, and occasionally for landscapes when I can be bothered changing the lens. There's probably something better out there but it came with the Nex 5 so I still have it.

Sony 55mm f1.8 (A7R2)

Crazy good portrait lens. I'm still getting used to it because i'm not used to having a fixed zoom, but the shots are coming out so sharp!

Sony 24-240mm (A7R2)

Just like the 18-200mm for the Nex, this lens isn't the sharpest lens out there but it is so versatile and practical for travel that I couldn't go past it. 


DJI Phantom Vision 2+ Drone

What a toy!! Gives a completely new perspective in things. I use it mostly for aerial shots of landscapes and to make panning videos over unusual landscapes.
I got the custom pelican case which is bulky and awkward to carry but allows me to check it in for flights. The case also has enough room for all the charges. The backpack would be better if you don't travel or have space in a suitcase.
I bought it with the extra battery and purchased a duel charger online for $8.
I use rechargeable batteries for the remote and carry the charger too.
I have a small pelican case for the batteries which I take as hand luggage.


Mefoto Backpacker tripod 

This compact tripod is great. Folds up to be tiny but is still quite ridged when in use. There are other smaller ones out there but they are flimsy. 

Camera Strap

Black Rapid Sling

I've been using the Back Rapid sling shoulder strap. It connects to the base of the camera and is a lot more comfortable than a regular shoulder strap. It also allows for very quick grab and shoot action.  


Battery pack

I bought an 5000 mAh battery pack for my iPhone. I don't use it regularly but it has saved me a couple of times. (the Drone uses iPhone battery like a mofo)

Universal adapter

People often ask me what power plugs are in the country I'm travelling to. To be honest, I haven't checked that for years because I use a universal adapter which covers almost everything. 


I only have one power adapter, but I travel with a power board so that i can charge almost everything at once. 


iPhone 4

I tried samsung and HTC but the iPhone just works easily with the macs. 



I use instagram for travel photos, photos of the sunset, photos of my dog (Kramer) and occasionally random arty stuff. Half the photos are taken from my camera and the other half straight from the phone. There's a noticeable difference.


This is a free photo editing app from Google that does a heap of stuff. I mainly do adjustments to straighten, selective adjustments (lightening specific areas of an image) and tilt shift. Most of the other tools are not in instagram.


This is an instagram spinoff that stabilises video with the option of speeding it up. Quite a nice effect. 


Long exposures for the iPhone. You can capture light trains, or low light areas.

Rode smartLav

This is a very cheap alternative to wireless mics for video recording. The $50 plug and go mic hooks into the iPhone and can record broadcast quality sound through a phone app.


Mac Book Pro

My travel with my 13 inch mac book pro (2.8GHz i7, 16GB 1600MHz)

Mac Mini

My home computer is a Mac Mini (2.8GHz i5, 16GB 1600MHz)



Everyone needs to get lightroom!!! It's a photo organising and editing program. Honestly, I can't recommend it enough. 

You can tag photos quickly and then sort them based on the tags (no need to delete copies or bad photos). Then you can edit them with a very simple panel.


I've got it but it is way too complicated for me and most of my editing is done in lightroom anyway so I don't really need it. It came with the latest version of lightroom that I got and enables easy panorama stitching and HDR mergers.  


This is a free photoshop like product. Very clunky, but I'm used to it now so I use it for basic advanced edits. 

Random Travel Gear

Kathmandu packs

I use kathmandu travel pouches in my suitcase which makes packing and repacking super easy. I don't know how I lived without them before. 


I have a set of Bose noise cancelling headphones which i use on flights and noisy hotels. They are ok to sleep in and not as hot as most other full size headphones. 

I also use sennheiser earphone when I'm walking around as these are lighter and easier to carry and block out a surprising amount of sound. 

Travel Pillow

I probably look like a nob, but I now travel with a travelrest blow up pillow for flights. It hooks into your seatbelt and holds you upright in your seat to prevent you from slumping. 

The Scrubba Bag

This is a new purchase - it's a "portable washing machine for travel". It's basically a dry bag with a bunch of little bumps on the inside wall of the bag to create a washing board. You will the bag with dirty clothes, water and liquid soap, then shake it around, you're done. 

Coffee Kit

Getting good coffee on the road is always difficult. America's slow drip, conference room coffee does not cut it. I now travel with an AeroPress and small coffee grinder. It sounds nuts, but getting an expresso quality coffee first thing in the morning is vital. Di Bartoli does a great package deal with the grinder, plunger and beans.